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Valery Levaneuski:  It is necessary to invite both the president, and opposition to Prague

Valery Levaneuski`s opinion on question about who should represent Belarus at the summit of "East partnership» which will pass in Prague on May, 7th, to correspondent Euramost.org:

-What do you think about the possibility of Belarus inclusion in the program offered by the European Union “East partnership”?

Valery Levaneuski: It is necessary to invite both the president, and opposition to Prague I support the idea that Belarus always would take part and will be presented on any events. Another question - who will present it? If only one person of president I don`t agree with it. I do not take him as the head of the independent state. I maintain the fact that Europe helps us to be designated as the independent state.

-Ales Mihalevich in interview www. Euramost.org has expressed opinion, that it was not necessary to invite  presidents of the countries-partners to the summit to Prague in general- it would be enough to invite for example, Ministers for Foreign Affairs. In your opinion, the format of the Prague`s event at level of presidents is reasonable or it was possible to invite persons a rank more low only?

-Perhaps my opinion is not so popular, but I think it is necessary to invite the president to Prague. Whatever: he is the president de jure and de facto. Also it is necessary to adjust dialogue. If there is no dialogue - there is nothing. I think, they should invite both the president,  ministers, and opposition. It is not necessary to divide our society. It is important to listen to all who do their best to make our country independent. Today we are not independent yet, and we are a province of one big next state.

- Speaking about necessity of the invitation to the summit for Prague representatives of opposition, you had in view of only Belarus and its representatives oppositional to the Lukashenka`s government, or all countries-partners? It is no secret, that the opposition exists in all six invited in «East partnership» countries.

We all have a similar situation. Therefore it is necessary to invite representatives of oppositional forces of all countries invited by European Union in the program. Normal constructive dialogue will be profitable to our countries.

- The considerable quantity of arrogant people with various political views will gather and as a result all will finish with the big scandal without real prospects of fast development of the program offered by the European Union …

- The conversation and dialogue format can be defined differently. If the invited partners will  come to a meeting with in advance certain desire to argue, of course, it will turn out to the buffoonery as a result. And if they come with understanding of the fact that the policy is an art of compromises it is also possible to solve questions efficiently. Even in our opposition there are sane people thinking first of all about the state and statehood. And in the case, it is not necessary to invite twenty persons from opposition and twenty - from the authority. Only 2-3 persons. In advance rigidly indicate a meeting theme: discussion, for example, the general prospects of development of mutual relations. Common language can be found. All depends on who will be in a command - on the one hand, and on the another. If there will arrive normal people who are ready not only to speak, but also to think, both conversation will turn out, and the result of a meeting will be.

-You support Lukashenka's invitation to Prague even knowing that the clauses of the European Union which has been put forward to the Belarus authorities, are remained disregarded. Alexander Kozulin considers, that if after that Lukashenka  will be invited on the summit, it will mean, that Europe takes pragmatic, in other words - immoral  position in relation to the institute of democratic principles. As I  understand, you do not divide this sight?

- Kozulin`s opinion is very worthy. I respect him both as the politician, and as person. But I consider, that isolation is not that factor which will help our country. I consider, I will repeat, that at us was not present, and never was the independent state. Process of formation of independence of the state just now begins.

Our authority, Lukashenka is not an exception, always was under someone. Belarus was designated by means of borders as the state - it is a merit of time. And for us the main thing, that Belarus would began to perceive in the world as really independent state. It would be good them to invite to Prague both Kazulin, and Lukashenka. It can give some profit. And what policy of isolation can give us? Officials, for example, both went to have a rest abroad earlier, and will go further. May be not to Paris, but in Transcaucasia.

Therefore I am not supporter of isolation of Belarus by any formal signs. I have been in prison and I know, what not-freedom and absence of the political rights look like. It is necessary to struggle with these facts. But we should not mix concepts of statehood of Belarus with what a ruling mode here creates. It is necessary to follow a way of a designation of independence of Belarus, instead of ignoring it again. It is possible not to invite the president but where it will result? There will be no contacts, there will be nothing. Lukashenka is not eternal - tomorrow other person will govern. Probably his today's opponent will be.

And if we start strengthening of independence today, statehood it will be easier to new person to withdraw us definitively  from the status of province of the next state. We don't like it much that today people who are imposed therefrom govern us.


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